Real Madrid 3-1 Atletico match report :Morata’s impressive goal disallowed, questionable referring

Controversial VAR assisted penalty given and disallowed , Morata’s goal of the season disallowed and VAR assisted penalty wasn’t given to Atletico Madrid. Some decisions were questionable but nothing to take away from Realmadrid’s team performance. Casemiro was excellent as Bale and Benzema.


Luka Modric has beaten off the Competition from the likes of CR7, Griezman and Messi. …

Modric named the winner of the 2018’s Ballon d’or. Anyways Raphael Varrane and Griezman has been prolific this year both of them won World cup and European troffies.

On the other hand,Modric has not ended the regin of the two legends Messi and Ronaldo, he only interrupted it. I expect one of them to win it for the next year.